How we got started?

When Ek was a kid, his mum introduced him to Hibiscus drink, commonly known as Zobo in Nigeria, EK immediately loved it and had it every week at home. Ek always looked forward to having Zobo (Hibiscus drink) every week at home and at events. EK loved the "Zobo Popsicle" which was his favourite, his mum will put Zobo Popsicles in his lunch bag for school at least twice a week. Ek having experienced such a positive part of his childhood, he always had it in mind to share the joy he experienced with the rest of the world.

In EKs words- I created my favourite drink recipe - Hibisberry to introduce the world to a part of my Nigerian heritage. 
Hibisberry is made with love, and I hope to inspire, motivate, and give you Your Daily Dose of Feel Good in every sip.

- Ekaose Mon-John Nwadiani - Founder/CEO

Hibisberry (Hibiscus Iced Tea) was founded to share our traditional Nigerian beverage culture with the rest of the world for a blissful, refreshing, traditional experience. In Nigeria like in most West African countries, Hibiscus Tea (Zobo) is the must-have drink refresher after a long day of work, with a meal, at special occasions, happy-hour or for a kids snack-time popsicle.


Hybis Brands' mission is focused on creating a global beverage brand which takes inspiration from our rich and beautiful Nigerian roots. A refreshing, organic and healthy beverage with a great taste that brings joy & motivation to all.

Today more than ever, people are prioritizing their health and wellness while paying more attention to what and how they eat, but eating healthy shouldn’t mean a boring taste. Our mission is to support you on your health & wellness journey making sure we create healthy yet tasty drinks to give you your Daily Dose of Feel Good.