Hybis Brands Secures Sobeys Listing in Alberta

Hybis Brands Secures Sobeys Listing in Alberta

News Release - Vancouver, British Columbia – Feb 1st, 2023:  Hibistea Beverage Inc (Hybis Brands) company is pleased to announce the listing of its refreshing Hibisberry Hibiscus Iced Tea drinks at Sobeys. The deal came to life through the Sobeys Local Supplier Program and will give Hibisberry Iced Tea access to 142 stores within Sobeys banners across Alberta, beginning February 2023. 

The story behind the creation of Hibisberry Iced Tea can be traced back to the founder’s  childhood in Nigeria. “When I was a kid, my mum introduced me to Hibiscus drink, commonly known as Zobo in Nigeria. I immediately loved it and had it every week at home. I always looked forward to having Zobo (Hibiscus drink) every week and at events. Having experienced such a positive part of my childhood, I one day wanted to share the joy I experienced with the rest of the world. This partnership deal with Sobeys is only the beginning, and we are so thrilled to have the opportunity to get our drinks into more Canadian households” stated Ekaose Mon-John Nwadiani (EK)

About Hybis Brands

Hibistea Beverage Inc (Hybis Brands) is a fast-growing beverage company founded in 2022. The company offers all-natural and refreshing ready-to-drink Hibiscus beverages. The flagship product - Hibisberry is currently available in 2 flavours - Pineapple and Ginger with a plan to add 2 new refreshing flavours in Q2 2023. Hibisberry drinks are caffeine-free, contain no additives and are vegan-friendly. Hibisberry is available instore and online at: www.hybisbrands.com

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 For further information, please contact:

Ekaose Mon-John Nwadiani (EK)

Chief Executive Officer 

ekaosen@hibistea.com (604-773-5786)
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